Cosmopolitan’s Careers Masterclass

Cosmopolitan's Careers Masterclass

I came across two articles discussing Cosmopolitan’s Careers Masterclass and thought I would share and provide some feedback.

Cosmopolitan magazine (UK) held their first ever Cosmo Careers Masterclass a few weeks ago to discuss the world of media – speaking about topics such as how to get into and stay in the industry.

Banjo PR wrote an article about the masterclass and posted their top 10 tips. I believe these tips are helpful and useful and I personally need to live by tip #6: be bold. I recently posted about my cover letter dilemma and reading this reassured me that I should definitely be bold and tell whoever is reading my resume and cover letter how much I love the organization they work for.

Cosmopolitan also posted about their masterclass, highlighting some of the topics discussed and comments. It was mentioned that you should have a Twitter account and “if you don’t have a Twitter account, I’d wonder why you wanted to work in this industry.” I disagree with that statement. I have a Twitter account, even though I don’t use it but I don’t think you need to have one. I don’t use mine but if I had to I would know what to do, it’s not difficult. I’m a pretty private person and would rather not put myself out there like that which is why I don’t use Twitter. And even though I don’t use it, it doesn’t mean I don’t go on Twitter to see what people within the industry are saying.

I would have loved to attend the Careers Masterclass. I recently saw event listings of other PR events, mostly held in the U.S. and I really wish Canada had events like these. The one we did have here in Toronto, I happened to miss. Hopefully I’ll finally be able to attend one of these industry events. In the mean time, I’ll just continue to read about them.


2 thoughts on “Cosmopolitan’s Careers Masterclass

  1. Hello Dee! I’m Yazmina, the founder and editor of Banjo PR. I wanted to thank you for sharing the awesome article our lovely contributor Leanne Barton wrote about the Cosmo Masterclass.
    Keep in touch!
    Greets from Milan,

  2. Hello Yazmina, thanks for the comment!
    I will definitely be sharing more Banjo PR articles, I love both of your sites (Girl with a Banjo as well)!

    Will do!
    Thanks again,

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